Terms & Conditions

  1. All the clients who book our services through Internet or over the phone are bound by ourTerms & Conditions. It is customer’s responsibility to check our list of inclusions and terms &conditions when you book our service.
  2. 100% Bond Back Guarantee on quality of cleaning is only valid for 7 days after the jobcompletion. ZECCO is not liable for any issue be it cleaning issue or any other issue addressedafter 7 days.
  3. Damaged Properties/ Extra services/ Extra charges: If the property was not maintained/cleanedregularly it will be considered as damaged. Damaged properties may not be restored(cleaned)back to its original state. However, it is compulsory for us to clean the property up to a standardand safe for the next tenant. With damaged properties or severely dirty properties, there will beextra charges on top of the quote provided. 100% Bond Back Guarantee will not be applicablefor damaged areas of the properties. With that being said, we will still do our very best torestore to the best we can in order for you to receive your bond back entirely. Example ofdamaged (areas of) properties/ severely dirty areas/ properties: Wall and/or ceiling scuff marksand/or dirt of any kind, dirt stains on carpets, mould formation in any area, severe dirtiness inshower and/or bathroom – (mouldy and or scummy shower grout, severe hard water stains onshower screens), stained floor boards, stained balcony floors, severely dusty/dirty balcony and /or its windows, severe oil/grease build up in kitchen area, burnt oven, severely greased/dirtykitchen cupboard drawers, severe dust and detergent build up in laundry area, pet fur and/orexcretion, sticky dust build up around door frames, and more. Example of extra services: Ifthere are rubbish left behind for us to clean up, our team will perform housekeeping service toremove all rubbish before commencing end of lease clean for an additional cost. For hardrubbish disposal, we may require a third party to remove that will incur extra charges. Extracharges: We will inform the client if there are any needs of extra charges with photo proof. Ifclient do not wish to comply with extra charges, we will clean remaining areas of the propertyat the given budget and 100% bond back guarantee will be voided.
  4. Quote : The customer will provide us with accurate information regarding the property at thetime of quote. For any reason if the property did not tally with the information given in thequote form, extra charges will apply accordingly.
  5. Vacate Clean : 1) As the name suggests, the property has to be all vacant/empty. No rubbish,furniture, dishes or anything else should be left behind. Anything which we can’t vacuum withour normal vacuum cleaner is considered as rubbish (extra charges apply for hard rubbishremoval). 2) For any un-vacated/damaged properties we reserve the right to commence withhouse keeping services first at an additional cost until the property is prepared for its end oflease cleaning.
  6. No power/electricity: If there are no electricity connected from the beginning of the clean ordisconnected during the clean, additional charges will incur. For apartment units withoutelectricity, we will use the communal electrical plug outside the unit to commence cleaning. Wewill not be liable for any fines for using the communal electrical plugs. The tenant will have topay for any fines incurred by the building. For landed property, we will commence cleaning onwell lit areas around the property. If electricity is still not connected, we will have to leave andreturn another day to finish the remain ing cleaning- this will require additional travelling feecharges starting from $175 + gst. The fee is determined by the distance and/or time needed totravel.
  7. Booking Deposit : We require full payment in advance to lock in cleaning dates. Half paymentwill be taken if: 1) Cancellation occurred 48 hours prior to the agreed date. Full payment feewill be taken if the scheduled clean is cancelled 24hrs prior. Full payment fee will be taken aswell if client requires last minute change in schedule however cannot be accommodated by usand result in cancelling the clean. The reason why half and full payment will be taken isbecause we have declined other job opportunities to schedule your job.
  8. MOVING OUT: We do not recommend to have the cleaning done on the same day as movingout day as movers are generally late and never finish on time. If our cleaners have arrived at theproperty while the move is still happening, additional cost of $55/hr/cleaner + gst will becharged for waiting or assisting you in moving. If this scenario were to happen, I suggest thatyou completely empty out the bathrooms and kitchen (nothing left inside drawers and on top ofbenches, completely empty- everything to be placed in the living room) so that our cleaners canstart at these locations first. They will only start with bathrooms and kitchen first as that is ourSOP when conducting end of lease. Starting at other areas first will only prolong the processwhich will cost the client more.
  9. Walls/ ceiling spot / scuff mark cleaning: This services in not included in the quote provided asnot all property have scuff marks. If this service is needed, it will be quoted separately. Not allscuff marks are removable. Whatever marks left behind after our clean are marks that can onlybe covered with paint.
  10. Curtains and pet fur: We do not clean/wash/dry clean curtains. If there are pet fur on the carpet/couches, this is considered as an extra service which will be quoted separately. We do notguarantee 100% removal of furs but we can dramatically reduce the amount of fur present onthe surface with our service.
  11. Fully Furnished : 1)Please notify if you are vacating a fully furnished property as extra chargeswill apply. We do not move heavy furniture, we will clean around them. 2) For fully furnishedproperties especially for End of Lease cleans, the quote provided is for emptied furniture. Ifyour property has appliances, cutlery, cookware, glassware, decorations etc that requirecleaning, it will be quoted extra as not all furnished properties have these items.
  12. Broken/Loose/Damaged : If we come across any windows, cupboards, blinds, light fittings,door handles or anything else, broken/damaged, loose with missing screws or rotten, thenZECCO do not take any responsibility if something comes off or falls down when cleaning. It iscustomer’s duty to advise us prior to the job if there is anything of such nature.
  13. Dirty/ greasy/ stained/ very dusty blinds will be charged extra separately under damaged area ofa property. All blinds will be dusted a part of our service, however if required thoroughcleaning, additional cost will be quoted.
  14. Light fittings will be dusted. If light fittings were not maintained and requires thorough wiping,additional cost will be quoted. We are not liable for any broken light fittings. We will notremove any light fitting that are hard to remove to prevent any damages. With that, we will notbe re attending the property to clean light fittings if was initially not easy to remove.
  15. If steel fixtures in the property are too old/ scratched / too mouldy then we can be limited withthe cleaning and polishing of these fixtures.
  16. Exterior sliding door tracks : Separate quote will be provided to clean these, as they are usuallyvery grubby and requires a lot of time to clean.
  17. Garage/ courtyard/ deck cleaning: Our quotes will provide standard sweep and vacuum foroutdoor cleaning. If not needed please advise. Gardening services and pest control will not beprovided in the quote but can be done if needed.
  18. Not included in Vacate/end of lease cleaning service : Hard rubbish disposal, house keeping,key delivery, gardening, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, exterior window cleaning (landedproperty), handyman services but all this can be provided if needed.
  19. Mould : Extra charges will apply accordingly under damaged property (no.3).
  20. Oven Cleaning : We do not dismantle( remove glass/ wire etc.) ovens . We only clean what isaccessible. If the oven has not been cleaned on regular basis, then it is not possible to removeall the carbon, grime & achieve 100% cleaning results. Additional cost will be applied forseverely burnt oven.
  21. Keys : Extra Charges will apply for collection & dropping off of keys.
  22. Access : We will not clean any place which is hard to reach or dangerous to touch. We do notdismantle exhaust fans or air conditioners to clean inside. We do not pull out the dishwashers orovens to clean behind. We only wipe the dishwashers, we do not dismantle the filters. We onlyclean what is visible and accessible. We don’t pull out the heavy items from their place likeoven or dishwasher. We only clean around what is safe and easily accessible.
  23. Payment: All payments will be made prior to the actual cleaning. An invoice will be sent viaemail or text message.
  24. Stains on Carpet/ couch/ sofa : There is possibility that some stubborn stains may not beremoved while performing carpet/upholstery cleaning. Damage can be done to the carpet by theoccupier of the property by not cleaning it on regular basis, so there are limitations with whatcan be achieved depending on the condition of the carpet. We do not specialise in carpetrestoration, we only clean dirt off carpets. Vacuuming and steam cleaning are included in oursteam cleaning packages. However, for dirty carpets that needs additional machinery/ chemicalsto clean, extra charges will apply under damaged property (no.3). We do not remove spots orstains (colorant/dye) from carpets as we are not carpet specialist. We only offer standard carpetcleaning to remove dirt within carpets only. For spot removals or carpet treating, please contactcarpet specialists. We are not responsible for any stains that are unable to be cleaned. A photo/video proof of method of cleaning carpet and dirty water extracted from carpet can be providedas proof upon request- as proof that carpet/couch/ mattress is clean.
  25. Pet Hair: ZECCO do not guarantee 100% removal of pet hair. If the owner does not vacuum thecarpet regularly and the hair gets penetrated into carpet/curtain/sheer fibres which can be veryhard to remove and hence hard to achieve 100% results. We are not responsible if all pet hairscannot be removed. *Carpet steam cleaning does not remove pet hairs*.
  26. No Lift : Extra charges will apply in situations where it is difficult to access the property or Ifheavy carpet cleaning equipment has to be carried to the higher floor levels without any lift.Please notify at the time of quote if your place is located on 2nd floor or above and has no lift oris harder/tricky to access.
  27. Parking will be provided or paid for all jobs. If carpark provided doesn’t fit our vehicle, parkingfee will be included in the final payment.
  28. Walk out: If the customer is rude or aggressive towards our staff members or if the house isextremely grubby and we believe that we can not bring it back to the agent’s satisfaction levelor back it up with our 100% satisfaction guarantee then ZECCO reserves all the right to walkaway from the job and absorb the deposit.
  29. Discoloured : We only use standard cleaning chemicals designed by Australian standards toclean kitchens and bathrooms. If you have baked food and splashes and grime and grease inyour kitchen around the knobs, oven and stove tops then you might notice some imperfectionsafter cleaning which you might not have noticed before. ZECCO does not take anyresponsibility for discoloration or any thing that might appear as imperfect after cleaning due tonot maintaining the property.
  30. Indoor / outdoor window cleaning: For houses and landed property, we will only clean windowswhich are accessible with the step ladder. Also, we might skip some windows where fly-screensare hard to remove, we will wipe down the fly- screens. Please notify us if the windows aremade up of number of little panels, as this will impact the quote.
  31. Fly Screens : As not all properties have fly screens, removing and and cleaning fly screens willbe charged separately. Fly screen cleaning cost can only be quoted onsite as we require to checkthe severity before quoting.
  32. If we perform one-off cleaning, spring cleaning, regular cleaning, moving in cleaning of fullyfurnished place then its customer’s responsibility to make all the areas accessible for cleaning.Our cleaner’s will not be moving/removing personal belongings especially in bedroom andliving rooms. Kindly clear out areas needed to be cleaned for the accessibility of our cleaners.Any cleans other that End of Lease clean will need to have client’s approval before leaving.Once we have left, we will not return if any other faults were found.
  33. Rectifying Issues (end of lease): It is not common practice for us to go back and re clean thingsas we always do good quality clean the very first time. But if there are any cleaning issues thatwill affect the bond, please notify us within 7 days with photos. We will attend the property atZECCO’s earliest availability. Someone has to meet us at the property as per our availability toprovide us access to the property. 2) Please note that we will only make 1 visit to the property,

all the issues must be addressed during this visit or else minimum charges will apply to re-attend the property. Once the issue has been addressed, you will receive 100% of your bond

back unless there are damages that occurred during the customer’s tenancy of the property. 3)We will only rectify problems flagged by the property manager. To avoid anymiscommunication, tenants are required to return the keys to their respective property managerand we will deal with the property manager if there are any areas that requires a re- visit.

  1. Guarantees: 100% Bond Back Guarantee will be voided if property was not maintainedregularly, damaged, mouldy, contains hard rubbish, carpet stained/severely dirty, walls severelydirty/sever scuff marks. No guarantees are applied to balconies or any outdoor related cleaning.So far ALL of our customers have received 100% of their bond back on our cleaning. 100%Bond Back Guarantee will also be voided if clients do not wish to accept/pay for any additionalservices on top of the cleaning package provided.
  2. Marketing: Before and after photos and conversations will be taken during end of lease, movingin, deep clean, and airbnb housekeeping to be used for marketing purposes. No personalbelongings, details will be used for marketing unless it is already shown in any review platform.
  3. It is the customer’s responsibility to read through our T&Cs. Customers are bounded and agreeswith the T&Cs when using our service.
  4. ZECCO will always contact our customers if extra charges is needed before performing theclean. If any guarantee is voided, we will still perform the clean with our best effort to ensurecustomer’s satisfaction.
  5. There are 2 types of additional cleaning for end of lease cleans. 1) Compulsory extra cleaning-meaning that this additional cleaning must be done for our team to conduct a full clean. IE, if

there are mould formation in bathroom and we require additional cost to clean, the client has toagree to it if not the clean cannot be completed. 2) Not compulsory extra cleaning- Meaning thisadditional cleaning can be done by us, another business, or the client itself. IE, if there are a lotof wall marks that require full wall washing, the client is not obligated to use us to conduct thewall washing. The client has 2 more other options to choose from which is hire anothercompany or do it themselves.

  1. Our 100% Bond Back Guarantee requires us to do whatever it takes to ensure the property iswell cleaned. With that, any additional services/hours will incur extra charges. If clients do notagree on taking up any extra services that we have proposed, then our 100% Bond BackGuarantee will be voided and we will not be liable for any mistakes in regards to cleaning afterthe initial clean.
  2. Infestation: We do not deal with any sort of infestation. We do not clean property that areinfested and will leave the property and a minimum call out fee of $175 +gst per cleaner will beincurred. We can provide infestation extermination services if needed.
  3. There will be extra charges (damaged property no.3) if any of our cleaners have to deal withany sort of human or animal excretion. Our cleaners can also choose to refuse the job.
  4. Drying Carpets: After cleaning carpets, we will leave all windows opened more than 5 inches tocreate positive airflow for the carpets to dry before leaving the property. It is the client’sresponsibility to shut all windows or to inform the property manager to do so within the sameday after minimum of 4 hours to prevent any rain/dust/dirt/insects/animal from entering. Zeccowill not be liable for any damages that occurred from not shutting the windows down. If clientschoose to not leave the windows open/ to only open a small gap (1 to 4 inches)/ the windowscannot be physically opened for more than 5 inches/ do not have any windows in carpeted area,Zecco will not be liable if the carpet creates a smell after carpet cleaning.
  5. Inform your respected Property Managers: It is the client’s best interest to inform your propertymanager regarding Zecco’s T&Cs.
  6. Our prices: Our company charges per result basis and not per hour basis. • We do not belong/work for any property firm. We are an independent business woking along side reputableproperty firms and its managers. The property managers do not have any influence or control ofthe price of our service. Any dispute or complains regarding our service will be communicatedto Zecco only.
  7. No water: We cannot proceed with cleaning without water.
  8. No contact: For whatever reason that the client cannot be contacted after the team has arrived atsite, our team will wait for a maximum of 1 hour at $50/hr/cleaner + gst. If there is no showwithin 1 hour mark, our cleaners will leave and a minimum call out fee of $150 + gst percleaner will be charged.
  9. No parking: If it was initially communicated that there is parking provided and for whateverreason, the parking access is no longer available when the team has arrived, the client will becharge per hour basis of $55/hr/cleaner + gst for searching for parking. The client will also beresponsible for the parking fee. If there is only street parking available and our team memberhas to move the vehicle and find a new spot, the accumulated time taken to do that will beincurred onto the final price as well at $55/hr/cleaner + gst.
  10. Blinds: We do standard dusting for all types of blinds. If the blinds needs more than justdusting, additional charges will incur. Deep/ spot cleaning of blinds are not included in thequote as not all property’s blinds need this service. We do not clean blinds that are made ofcloth-like material.
  11. Balcony: Majority of apartments do not allow the usage of water when cleaning the balcony aswater may spill onto balconies below and may potentially caused damages and inconveniencethat may lead to a fine given by the body corporate. Unless it is raining, the cleaners are notpermitted to clean the balcony with water. For all balconies, we will conduct general vacuumand mop twice. If the balcony is heavily stained, or has severe dust and/ or dirt which requiresmore than general mopping, this will be considered as additional cleaning service as ourcleaners will have to take much more time to clean the balcony with minimal water and rely onjust mopping and hand wiping. If water is permitted to be used, then there will not be any extracharges. In an event where the client approves water to be used to clean the balcony butreceived a fine from the body corporate, we will not be liable to pay the fine.
  12. 100% Bond Back Guarantee or No Charge campaign is only valid if the client uses our full end of lease cleaning services including any additional cleaning charges (if required). In an event if the property is not deemed as clean in accordance to the property manager along with The Residential Tenancies Act, Zecco is allowed 2 attempts (if needed) to rectify any cleanliness mistake. In any event if we are not provided with the opportunities to rectify the mistake by a third party (for any reasons), the 100% Bond Back Guarantee or No Charge offer will be voided.